Quick Note - Does it Really Count

Spelljammer is one of those things that I've always regretted missing out on and at the same time have shied away from at every opportunity. The entire concept of the setting is amazing to me and screams at long odds and playing as a member of a fantasy version of the Starjammers!

Have I mentioned my love of Claremont's Starjammers? Trust me, ignore the non-Claremont stuff as its bad and just go read Guardians of the Galaxy instead.

... and now I am rambling. Anyway:

Considering my interest and shyness in regards to Spelljammer I have taken every chance to pick up adventures, sourcebooks, etc and read over them and imagine my dwarf swashbuckler type character sailing on a sea of stars! So when I say that SJA2 Skull & Crossbows was released yesterday I jumped at the chance and picked it up!

Then I noticed something in the far right corner under rule system: OSR (Unofficial/3rd-Party). Does something count as OSR when it is actually an original produ
ct from the people that developed the systems that the OSR retro-actively develops for?

Please trust that I am not trying to stir controversy or negative opinion towards WotC as this was a way to ask a question I have had for awhile now. Does the work of TSR (even if currently published through WotC) count as OSR or are the products of TSR the bibles and dogma that the OSR develops from?

Oh and because I can: Starjammers!

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