Quick Note - Fantasy and Commission Barking!

Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up on two excellent gaming artist out there their prices/paetron campaigns!

First up is Mavfire (whose real name and/or google + I don't know). an excellent black and white artist that has been on the cover of & Magazine and produces some quality work that I'd love to put a use to some day.

Mavfire has recently posted his commission prices over at DA and they are pretty decent prices. I suggest going through his gallery, but my favorite is this and his many 3-D maps.

Next up is James Shields (who is on google + but doesn't show up on the list) who is currently running a paetron campaign for customized stock art based on support polls and feedback. Sadly, with the wedding coming up and summer and possible job changes coming soon, I cannot justify becoming a patron. Still, I believe that the man does interesting and professional work so he's worth checking out!

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