Quick Note - Hero Kids: Hero Cards III released

+Justin Halliday's Hero Forge Games has just released a new batch of Hero Cards for the awesome Hero Kids roleplaying game.

for anyone that doesn't know Hero Kids yet (shame on you for skipping those posts) it is one of the greatest "for kids" rpgs on the market. It is a simple easy to understand system that hides a lot of depth and ability to be molded and shaped in different directions (See Star Kids). There is a plethora of adventures released by Hero Forge Games to go along with the system.

Hero Kids is the default system at this point in my house (which is why I use 5 "NPC" characters when playtesting my OSR stuff) and has been the only game ruleset that has kept Codename: The Wife involved. So, just based on that Hero Kids is a game to get. I mean if it can keep Code Name: The Wife involved and anger her game hating senses it is a keeper!

Back on topic!

Hero Cards III: Heroes from Out-of-Town features ten new heroes a lot of which are demi-humans (I can have a dwarf!). Justin has provided a listing on his own blog and I won't take that away from him!

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