Quick Note - Horus rising

I have previously mentioned that Horus Adrift is my best "selling" adventure to date. Part of this is due to it being a pwyw title, but I would also like to think that a ship-based space marine adventure is the other part.

I have made some money from the game and as I have previously mentioned, all proceeds of my sales go back into development and improvement. As such I am working on a revised "deluxe" edition of Horus:

I've been able to add art, layout direction and some other bells and whistles. I have also written a one page short story to proceed the adventure that takes place on the Horus in it's final moments. I plan on updating the pwyw adventure with this deluxe adventure and also make it available as a 6x9 in print product. I am still working out the price, but it should be under $5.00

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