Quick Note - Moving Forward

These last few months have shown me a lot both in terms of being a blogger and as a game designer. I've learned how to gain an audience and I've learned how to loss an audience. I've also being getting a feel for what sells and what does not.

With that said, I must announce that Genius Loci will no longer support the OSR movement. It is not for a lack of love for the OSR but for a need to move forward to more advanced and modern styles of play. With that said, all previous adventures and materials released by Genius Loci will be updated (both here and at drviethrunow) to be in compliance with both Pathfinder and the upcoming fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

I do apologize to everyone for this, and I hope we can all move forward together.

See you all tomorrow with a preview of my first 5e adventure "The Curious Case of Mushrooms".

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