Quick Note - MWP's new Firefly Game now on DTRPG

I remember picking up the Cortex hardback of "Serenity" back in 2008 from a Waldenbooks back in my home town ready to find a crew and travel the 'verse ... unfortunately no one where I lived wanted to try a new system out and were content to continue to play Vampire (which I eventually and reluctantly joined). Still the book sat on my shelf and every so often I would pick it up and fondle the pages, imagining the adventures I would have and the wily space cowboy I'd play ...

... Now MWP productions tempts me with a new version of the game under the Firefly name (having gotten Fox to give them the production rights). This new version uses Cortex Plus (which I have thus far shied away from the way a vampire shies away from garlic) and appears to be really robust. It is a tempting buy, even at the $19.99 price tag for a .pdf.

Maybe as a late birthday present I can convince my wife to get me it and once more attempt (and fail) to have adventures in the 'verse.

Firefly Role-Playing Game Core Book - $19.99 @ drivethrurpg

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