Quick Note - Playtest Questions

Quick questions for everyone in regards to the upcoming Chromatic Commandos playtest.

1. What is your preferred VTT of the following: Fantasy Grounds II, Roll20, Realm Works, Hangouts
2. What is your preferred time of day of the following: Mornings, Late Evenings
3. What is your preferred day of the week?

I am hoping to get go with the alpha playtest for Chromatic Commandos in two weeks and run it through the summer (barring breaks for marriage and other people's vactions) for an early fall release.

for anyone who missed the last two posts (here and here) Chromatic Commandos is a Power Rangers-like roleplaying game loosely based on the d20 rules as filtered by the OSR movement. The complete book will hopefully be around 20 pages long and be a paid print product, pay-what-you-want digitial product.

The current proposed format for the playtest would be bi-weekly games of approximately 2 hours in length and a request to e-mail me any thoughts on what worked and what did not during the game. Each player will receive  a copy of the alpha rules and updates there-in until release. I am hoping to send codes to all playtesters for a at-cost (unless I can figure out how to gift them) copy of th eprint version of the game when released.

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