Quick Poll - How did you play?

Was talking to my only co-worker who ever played D&D today about how we played. I am still amazed at how common mini's were in the "olden days" before I started playing. I've always heard of the world and the charactes and the like existing completely in the players' imagination and then I hear about battlemaps, dwarvenforge, mini's and so on.

So, how do all of you out there play?

for me it was all about the imagination, mini's were never used until I started with D&D Encounters. No mapping, no pawns, or symbols or anything like that. Now my player's did have a guy who would attempt to map out what I was telling them ... it was always fun to compare maps at the end of the adventure ... but nothing for minis are to see how far the creatures where and the like.

Maybe I just played weird.


  1. I've played with minis almost since I started playing D&D, back in the 70s.

  2. I find it deoends on the system these days, back in the early days it was fun/cool to have a nicely painted figure, but not essential.

    With 4th ed and Star Wars Saga I found it useful in combat, but pathfinder and FFg star wars doesnt need it at all, theatre of the mind!!

  3. I started playing with nothing but the imagination from Basic through 2nd Edition. We didn't even map anything.

    Since I started up with my current group playing 3.5 we mostly use imagination until we get into battles or are dungeoncrawling.

  4. Since I had the HeroQuest game before D&D, and my first D&D boxed set came with cardboard folding minis, I tended to use them pretty regularly, however it was still pretty much just to keep track of where everyone was. I don't think we ever measured anything, or counted squares or anything like that.


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