Quick Note - Fever-addled Ramblings

I am sitting at my desk regretting the fact that I am currently alive thanks to this damned cold and staring dumbly at my “character creation” doc for the Modern Setting/OSR rule set I’m working on. Is this really needed I keep think in the few moments of time my fever addled brain allows conscious thought. How many times does a player need to read “list of common terms” or review what bonuses he gets with an 18 strength?
Hell it might be all the drugs, steroids and cough drops talking but I wonder if I can just excise the entire section out of the blasted book. Then I think of maybe that FATE kid or White Wolf kid seeing some Urban Fantasy OSR book and thinking “Woah! I’m gonna check this out!” only to be lost when I start talking about bonuses and modifiers and rolling 3d6+con modifiers … I start to think shit I could lose my whole audience. Then I go back to typing and find myself drooling at a nearly blank screen … I’m pretty sorry I typed “goat” ten times for no reason … and thinking to myself is this really needed?
I should be back on my feet tomorrow or Friday. This cold/fever Thing is kicking my ass but I’m hoping with the meds the doctor prescribed I should be sane and lucid enough by Friday to be of use.


  1. I think what you need to do, is just finish it or finish it as far as you can make it. The one thing I found when trying to create rules is to stop looking at other rule sets, because it tends to make things more confusing. that's my 2 cents. Urban OSR sounds awesome btw.

    1. I'm hoping it turns out to be as awesome as it sounds. And good advice, man!


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