Quick Note - Modern Basic Playtest Tomorrow

Tomorrow I will be playing Modern Basic at my local library. Oddly the game isn't really modern but takes place in the 1940s. I have 3 players all of which will be getting pre-gens to play with. Honestly I cannot wait. Between this and the coming playtest of Chromatic Commandos I'm feeling things are looking up for me.

Here are two of the three pre-gens. The third, a Cleric Healer, is staying hidden since I haven't released it ... yet.

Vince La Cruz (Fighter - Street Fighter)
- A failed minor league baseball player who has been working as a security guard in the Philadelphia Museum of Natural History -

HP - 9     Def - 14     STB - 2

Str - 14     Dex - 12     Con - 15
Wis - 12    Int - 8         Cha - 10

Equipment: Leather Jacket (+1 to Defense), Baseball Bat (1d6+STR damage)

Auto Van Housen (Magic User - Council Mage)
- Council Mage with a bounty on his head for supporting the Nazis in their search for Christian Relics. Working as a curator in the Philadelphia Museum of Natural History  -

HP - 3     Def - 12     STB - 1

Str - 10     Dex - 13     Con - 9
Wis - 13    Int - 14       Cha - 10

Spells: Magic Missile, Sleep
Equipment: Leather Duster (+1 to Defense), Spellbook, cigars, Cuban

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