Quick Note - Necromancers do what Necromancers do

While already broken elsewhere I figured I should do my part to boost the signal for the resurrection of Necromancer Games (which I assume is now an imprint of +Frog God Games) and their current kickstarter for a trio of 5e books.

On Thursday Necromancer kicked things off with a revisit to the Wizard's Amulet, showing right out the gate their new direction and purpose, yesterday morning that confirmed that purpose with the launch of their "5th Edition Rules; 1st Edition feel" campaign. The purpose of the campaign? to raise enough funds to release three books for 5th. The first is a collection of 250 new monsters that could rise in numbers depending on stretch goals. The Second is a collection of 12 adventures written by the likes of +Bill Webb+Matt Finch, and Elminster himself, Ed Greenwood. The final book is a collection of hundreds of new spells to make casters feel far from cookie-cutter and put some eldritch goodness into a game.

The price points start at $20.00 for a .pdf of a single copy of the backers choice and go up from there. There are no non-retail options for all three books but the Quest of Doom and Book of Lost Spells titles can be added on if and when they're unlocked (They'll be unlocked, the thing funded in under 14 hours and has nearly 60 days to beat every stretch goal).

I'm currently in for the $40.00 goal as my eyes are getting a wee bit old to be squinting at a computer screen.

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