Quick Note - One Long Night

Insomnia strikes again, but that is a good thing for everyone buy me! I have finished first draft writing of another two-page adventure title "Assault on the Southern Horn" which goes a long way of bringing all the thread from "Under the Horn", "Joy in a Flask", and "Spectres of Usarm" together.

Like Usarm I think I'll need to be creative in just HOW I get this all to fit into the format ... but right now I may have to take out the scissors and leave some material in the gutters.

Like the previous two-page adventures this one is for Swords and Wizardry. I'm currently looking at artists for the cover but if I can afford it and he can do it I may take my normal two-page adventure cover artist.

Small sample from the first draft of one of the later rooms.

Area 15
Several broken glass tubes stand in the center of this room. Once the PCs enter the same female voice as in Area 3 & 4 will announce a breach and the door will close and lock behind the PCs followed by the sound of wind. In the next 6 rounds the air will be completely removed from the area requiring a Saving Throw to avoid asphyxiation. An an observant PC will notice a the same face in a panel that was in Area 3 & 4. Destruction of the panel or two rounds after the air has been removed will unlock the door.

Treasure – None

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