Quick Notes – Announcements, Questions and Tables … OH MY!

In the past two months I have hinted at the idea that by the end of summer I may no longer by traditionally employed. As of yesterday that has become a fact as I failed to get the promotion I was seeking and thus cannot continue to work with my current company due to child-sitting and hours of operation issues that have been plaguing me and mine since before I started this blog.

This means that I will have a heck of a lot of time on my hands when I am not being a proper stay-at-home dad/job hunting. A lot of time means that I am open for a lot of gaming work that I have not yet finished and that I am currently in the wings for ... except the rate of posts to the blog to steadily increase over the next month as I find a new routine and work out my new position in life.

In September as things stand now I will be starting a bi-weekly Swords & Wizardry game that seeks to playtest my non-Two Page Adventures OSR adventures. We'll be starting with "Pyramid of the Lost King" and moving onto "Lights over Innsfjord" from there.

With the lack of income and a complete dependency on what I earn from the sale of my products I am unfortunately going to fall behind on 5th Edition. I had wanted to be on board the train from the get go ... but I seem to have a need to get off at an earlier station ... for a while at least ... there is always Christmas!

I don't plan on stopping my "Next Edition" development projects such as my 5-minute adventures (Like "The Ice Caves of the Frozen Queen") and the creature stats that regularly grace this blog (speaking of +OSRToday linked to the Glaistig which is bloody AWESOME!).

So a lot of changes coming up in the near future ... I'll be submitting a quarry to RITE for a Pathfinder Adventure and I've been reading over the submission guidelines for +Green Ronin Publishing has released for their design contest as I've been chewing the bit for awhile now to dig into the AGE system.

Now a question in regards to the 5-Minute Adventures. Should I do what I did with "The Ice Caves of the Frozen Queen" and release it as a .pdf or should I've done what I've previously done with adventures like "Halls of the Dwarven King" and release the adventures as a copy/paste to the blog proper?

And since I cannot leave you all without some content! Here is a new Uncommon Table!

Uncommon Table: The Pub Fireplace
Roll (1d6)
The Fire and rear of the hearth are Hard Hologram illusions hiding a secret room that is actually the deck of a hidden ship that can traverse Time and Dimensions in Space.
The fire is actually an intelligent Elder Elemental who has been imprisoned by the owner of the bar who happens to be a Dark Arch-Mage.
The fire is only a fire and deals 1d4 damage per minute to the idiot who is fool enough to believe it may be more than a simple fire.
The fire is a micro dimensional rift to one of the nine hellish realms of the Outside. While too small for anything of the Outside to come through it is just big enough for Halflings.
The fire serves as a prison for a particularly lecherous pirate who pinched the back-end of the wrong Elf. Every so often a small voice can be heard asking for rum from within the fire. If a bottle of rum is thrown into the fire it will disappear and the voice will suddenly begin to sing a rather racy drinking song … Some pirates never learn their lesson!
While the fire itself is normal an astute Ranger, Druid or Wizard may be able to tell that the wood is from a Trent.  Investigation will find that the Bartender has several chained in the swamps nearby and regularly mutilates them for their wood. When questioned the bartender will state he only did it to keep from having to cut down trees as Trents regrew limbs at an astounding rate.



  1. Sorry to hear that things aren't working out in the traditional employment area. That's rough when that happens.

    Have you thought about putting your content together on OBS etc and using it to make some residual income that way, using the blog to point towards it? Perhaps compilations?

    1. I actually have about 8 products over at OBS sites and that brings me a little ... typically enough to fund the next project.

      The 5-minute adventures may eventually get a compilation but I've problem of mapping which has always been my problem. I have thought about it though, maybe when I get up to ten.

    2. If it helps, I'm about to open up paid contributor stuff at OSRToday. It'll be using a shared revenue model, so the more you write, and the more views there are, the more income there is. I'm still putting all the details together but hope to have it available to people soon.

    3. Now that seems interesting. I was already contemplating the media package and designer listings ... hmmm ...

  2. Put them up as a download, atleast then you are keeping people in the know for future releases, etc.


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