Sell Me Savage Worlds

There are a grand total of 5 systems I've played and 2 systems (*) I know by heart.

OSR Style systems
Cinematic Unisystem*
Hero Kids

I've tried FATE and FAE and as anyone who reads this blog knows I cannot wrap my head around either. I own a bunch more, CoC, Traveller, Alternaty and a bunch more. Typically I read through a system and cherry pick things that can be used in my private gaming or just find interesting ... rarely do I ever stray too far from the path of what I know.

Savage Worlds I've been interested in for a while now but can never get up the energy to actually slap down the money and actually play it! Add to that all the Savage Worlds products and I start to get confused.

for instance: THIS appeals to me, but is it inclusive or do I need a Core Savage Worlds book to run it? So your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to somehow convince me to slam down the cash and get what I need to run East Texas University!

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