Quick note - More experiments in digital mapping

The way station of the Apelgia Mountains sits in the mid point of the high pass between Piaugh and the mining village of Rook's Bend. The way station acts as a mail depot, inn (floor space only) and guard post for those who travel the pass. The way station is operated by the the Collation of Neark Merchants and is manned year long by 5 human mercenaries who are paid a handsome sum and are considered honorable enough.  

There is a trap-door under the bear-skin rug in the guard quarters that leads to a a small cavern system and the ruins of an ancient crypt ... currently being used as cold storage by the way station.

This map was made using the same tutorial as the map I posted yesterday and map elements by Bogie over at the Cartographers' Guild. Any thoughts our suggestions are greatly sought after.

The floor and grasslands as well as the hills were all my own design as I played around with the map.

If I can fit this one and yesterday's on a half sheet they may (together) comprise next week's "One Page Romp" for Patreon.

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