Quick Note - One Bookshelf has crashed

I am assuming that the popularity of the Scion bundle over at Bundle of Holding  has caused the one book shelf sites to be so overloaded with fresh downloads and traffic that they broke under the strain. This has happened before when BoH first started to work in conjunction with OBS on the distrubution of their bundles.

I can totally understand why this is happening. Scion is great world and flavor that I've always been interested in myself.

Game Geeks has several reviews on the game and its splat/story/campaign books

Essentially in Scion you play as the offspring of a God in the modern world. You have powers like your parent but need a focus to use them and that focus has to be linked to your parent. Scion was one of the few White Wolf style games I was ever truly excited for (despite having never picked it up).

So hold on tight, wait for the OBS sites to succeed their raise check, and if Scion interests you check out that bundle.

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