Quick Note - OSRToday confirms rumors of Goodman 5e

+OSRToday confirmed today that +Goodman Games will be releasing material for 5e starting with two adventures to be released at Gen Con.

I'm excited to see what Goodman does with the 5e rules and feel as well as to see if, like Necromancer Games, they do this under the OGL or if they've secured the unannounced license for 5e.  With Goodman's announcement this makes two decent-sized publishers who are developing for 5e. 

I am personally hoping for a wealth of publishers and material (both new and converted) for the system out of a love for D&D and a desire to see it survive as more than (like +RollForInitiative has claimed) an IP to create new and interesting things for eventual video game and film/book/novel release.

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