Quick Note - Two Things

Been a quiet week over here at Genius Loci. The little guy broke his leg and Code Name: the Wife has been working crazy hours ... so why it has been quiet on the blog life itself has been anything but. So, I wanted to say sorry for that and also say two other things:

1. To the 4 or 5 people who donated money through my paypal for the purpose of buying a 5e phb: Thank You! Seriously guys, you are the awesome and deserve so much thanks that I cannot possible relate!

2. The muse at my side needs a giant kick in the ass. I seem, at the moment at least, to have lost that little voice in my head that tells me what to what and of worlds far away and a mile miles away from the laws of physics. I'm hoping with the completion of my reading of Skin Game and the new episode of Doctor Who coming this Saturday, my muse will once again decide not to be so damned tight lipped.

At the moment all is quiet and I am trying to force out a short adventure for my Patreons. Hopefully ... hopefully.

Oh and one last bit of good news, I got an e-mail from a publisher ... WOOHOO!

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