Barking - Frank Turfler's Patreon

Cover - Unnamed OSR Sci-Fi Adventure
+Frank Turfler has begun a Patreon to help in the creation of some wonderful digital 2.5d and flat tilesets. As most of you know Frank did the maps for my last adventure "Assault on the Southern Horn" and has in past done some amazing artwork for me (see side) and +Jeffrey Tadlock over at Iron Tavern Press (The Pocket Encounter Guys).

Frank is, from what I've seen in doing business with him, a dedicated artist who comes through in spades and has a real love for the hobby (see Inkling Adventures). Check him out, his Patreon is linked above, but also it turns out he does stock art over at drivethru (hell turns out a piece I bought and have been looking for an excuse to use is his!) for pretty good prices!

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