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Today we see the general release of my first Patreon offering for September, the Sci-fi themed One-Page rump for +Brave Halfling Publishing's Xplorers OSR sci-fi game.

This month we are trying something different, not only do the Patreons get a dirty and anthology Pdf but they also get a 72 hour head start. I'm hoping this solves the small problem I was having with trying to show how excellent I think my Patreons are!

Anyway, here is a one-page romp for the week, a little different from my normal offerings as it is not fantasy and the characters may not be the good guys!


Dinosaurs of the Protected Zone

A 5-Minute Adventure for Xplorers

Words - Johua De Santo
Cartography - Johua De Santo W/ Elements created by CaptScott

Adventure Background
You and your crew have been hired by the Nostreum Group to recover a research satellite that went missing several months ago from the obit of Planet – PZ4. This is considered an Omega Level assignment due to the fact that PZ4 is a protected planet under the protection of the TEPA (Terrain Extraterrestrial Protection Authority) and knowledge of your mission or the satellite will be disavowed by the Nostreum Group.

The protected planet holds a form of life that is a genetic match for hundreds of species of dinosaurs from Old Earth's history. Nostreum's illegal satellite was recording genetic data of the creatures in the hopes of selling the genome to parties that wished to own their own dinosaurs or exploit the genome in some other means.

While the satellite has crashed it still emanates a sub-space signal on a frequency only detectable by Nostreum equipment. This equipment requires a Computer Skill check to successful triangulate the general direction of
the satellite.

1. Recover the Satellite's core which holds the data Nostreum requires. Failing that destroy the core utterly to main proprietary technology belonging to Nostreum.
2. OptionalCollect a living sample from planet-side. An egg will do.
3. OptionalLocate and disable automated surveillance station controlled by TEPA located in Sector B.

PZ4 (Protected Zone 4), is an Earthlike planet with traditional atmosphere and gravity but with a 12 hour day. Currently PZ4’s Northern Hemisphere is in the Earth equivalent to early Spring; mating season. The Satellite crashed on the Northern
landmass in a mountainous region, it is believed to be in Sector C. While traveling through the Sectors in search of the satellite the players have a 3 in 6 chance of encountering the following:
Sector A
Sector A has herds of migrating Sauropods. Sauropods will generally leave small creatures alone, however, the may not notice such small things as humans and step on them by mistake. There are several hunter dinosaurs following the herd. While in Sector A Players are three times as likely to encounter Raptors and T-Rex.

Sectors B & D
These mountainous regions have few of the larger dinosaurs, but is the realm of the mating Pterodactyls who may see the players as an excellent gift to prospective brides. The automated security station is located in Sector B’s northern edge,
have buried in a toxic lake.

Sector C
Heavy forests mask the predators who are on a consist hunt for food. The Satellite is in the forests of sector C and is being guarded by 5d6 Security Drones.

Concluding the Adventure
Should the Players recover the satellite They will be rewarded with 500 Credits and a promise of further employment. Should they be unable to recover the core and must destroy it, they will receive 100 credits and no promises. A Live egg will earn them another 100 credits. Finally, should the automated station not be destroyed the players will find a 10,000 credit bounty on each of them contracted by TEPA.

Creature Guide
T-Rex: AC 18; HD 8d6; THB +8; ATT 3d6/3d6; ST 11+;MV 8; SPC Cause Fear, Swallow, XP 1,500
Raptor: AC 14. HD 2d6; THB +4(+7 Gore), TTT 2d6+3; ST 15+MV 6; SPC Gore; XP 180
Pterodactyl: AC 12; HD 2d6; THB +2; ATT 1d6; ST 13+; MV 4[6]; SPC optional movement Flight; XP 120
Stegosaur: AC 17; HD 8d6; ATT 3d6/3d6+3 (gore); MV 8; SPC Cause Fear; Gore, XP 1,600
Triceratops: AC 14; HD 4d6; ATT 2d6/2d6+3(gore); MV 4; SPC Gore; XP 800

Security Drone: AC 12; HD 1d6; THB +1; ATT 1d6; ST 18+; MV 12; XP 15

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