Quick Note - 5e Style Ability Checks being added to Basic Modern

As I'm writing "the night Train" adventure for my Patreons (and seriously thinking of limiting the variety of choices for next month's poll) I've found the need to add in the ability checks of 5e with some minor editing to stay in form with Modern Basic's (eventually I will rename that) core tenet of being a modern sourcebook for S&W Core.

Here's an Example:

The Game Master wishes to set an object (the faint chalk outline of a person's body) up as a major clue to the investigation the players are conducting. The outline has been there for a number of years and is partially faded and covered over with debris making it a difficult task to find it. The GM, however, doesn't want this to be impossible so he sets the Success Rating (SR) at 16, just over the cusp of the "hard" rating.

Success Rating
01 – 05
Simple – no roll need
06 – 10
11 – 15
16 – 20

The reason why 21+ is impossible is due to the inability to have higher than a +1 to any ability score. Other means, such as alien technology, magic equipment, divine or demonic aid could make the  Impossible possible but generally speaking this SR is not achievable.

Unlike 5e, however, the ability check system is left with just itself without skill proficencies or the like leaving the checks to the simple + or - 1 mechanic. 

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