Quick Note - Mutant Future

I recently picked up the free, no-art version of Goblinoid Game's "Mutant Future" and I must say that I'm having fun with it. First please remember that I am relatively a kid in the Hobby having only 12 years under my belt. I missed out of the Golden Age of gaming and products like the original Gamma World (I own 2 of the 4e box-sets which often get brought out as a party game) and have since really only been involved in the traditional fantasy branch of the hobby (seriously, anyone have a good space opera game going?). So finding this (oddly enough thanks to Knotty Works) produced a mild happy dance from me.

As many of my readers know from the various Usarm games I enjoy a certain level of Science Fantasy. Since coming into the hobby I've hunted down and obtained a copy of Expedition to the Barrier Peaks ... then since I only knew 3e at the time got completely lost ... and have often used golems as stand-ins for ancient robots.

I'm on my second read-through now and am hoping to gain a good idea of the game before the weekend's out.  Possibly enough to run a breakfast club one-shot down the road!

Note - I will say this has reminded me that I still have a long way to go before descending AC feels natural to me.


  1. Glad you've discovered MutFut. It's one of my favorite games. Check out my blog for a ton of MutFut material. (http://savageafterworld.blogspot.com/) Download the Thundarr supplement while you're there too!

    1. You said the magic word: Thundarr! I'll be heading there right now.

  2. Mutant Future is the Bomb! LOL
    I've posted a good bit about it on my blog also:


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