Quick Note - Races to Play By

First let me say that I am attempting to blog from my phone while hiding from my wife in a fancy sports bar rest room. In other words there may be more spelling mistakes than normal.

I was just reading +christopher Helton's review of the 5e player's handbook over at bleeding cool and he mentions about how there are currently 9 playable races but obliviously more will come.

This , of course, got me thinking about what my favourite non-core race is and what others think of the non-core races. So I am opening it up folks, what are your favorite secondary races. To make it simple let's keep core to the tradional human, halfling, dwarf, elf and appropriate half-breeds.

I will explain mine in a bit but I should probably make my way back to my own wife.


  1. I usually play human. Very occasionally a half-elf.

  2. If those are your core, then its much easier. Gnome. Love those guys. Illusionists. One of my favorite characters was a Gnome Fighter/Illusionist. A tricky little beat down machine.

  3. Given your list, half-orc is definitely my favorite non-core race. I started with AD&D 2e, and finding the bit about playing half-orcs as characters in the Monstrous Compendium's "orc" entry was a revelation of the "it's possible to play the game not exactly according to the rules?!" type. Of course, such flexibility is obvious in retrospect, but to a 13-year-old familiar to that point with only board and card games with hard-and-fast rules, it was great. How much of the residue of this joy of discovery and how cool half-orcs are in and of themselves contributes to my love of half-orcs is debatable, but I'll play one at every opportunity I get.


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