Quick Note - Work Begins

Just started my next two Patreon adventures. The shorter one-page romp will be first and will be a Swords & Wizardry adventure about dinosaurs and a wizard's tower. The second will be a 5-page adventure using the free version of the Westwater rules and take place in a dusty town in the Navada's that is out of water and features the trapped tomb of a disposed Mayan King, grave robbers and chitin.

Question for the community at large, what sources should I look to for traps ... I'm already planning on forcing a day of young Indiana Jones on my kids but what other places can I search through? What are you GMs inspiration for such things.

I should be getting my 5e monster manual in today or tomorrow so I can't wait to break it open and start learning the ropes.

Also, sleep ... I am in need of sleep.

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