Quick Note - Gazetteer 13 - The Shadow Elves released & Other News!

Should have played the Dwarf
Gazetteer 13 - The Shadow Elves is probably the one Mystera Gazetteer that I have been waiting on since WotC started releasing the Basic edition Gazetters last year. Back in my non-gaming days, when video games ruled the world for me, the Sahdow Elves of the Capcom Mystara Games were the most intriguing part of the story to me. They were also the part that I couldn't just nudge into one of my Tolkien corners of understanding. They were different and cool just a people who were left wide open for me to ponder and imagine about.

Phantom Tribe, Emoing the Emo before there where emos.
Eventually the Shadow Elves began to form in my mind as the Phantom Tribe from El - Hazard and when I began roleplaying with 3.5 back in the early 2000s it was these Shadow Elves that made appearances in my Mystara (I talked about my Mystara back when I talked about Gaz1).

At the moment obtaining the book is a bit of a no-go f
or me but it is there in my wishlist ready and waiting for me to grab it and read it so that I can finally learn how much my Shadow Elves and the official ones differ!

Gazetteer 13 - The Shadow Elves was released yesterday on DnDclassics.com for $4.99.

In other news I received a package in the mail yesterday with no return address and no information regarding who sent it. So, to whoever sent me the Dark Matter Adventure "The Killing Jar" I have to give a huge thank you to you!

The collection is almost complete!
Now if only WotC would fulfill my two wishes of Alternity stuff on OBS sites and POD of classic books!

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