Quick Note - Pyramid of the Forgotten King and other News

It sure has been a quiet month for the spirit of this blog hasn't it. With the chill winds washing over the land, school projects for the fourth grade year, and an actually gig for a third party company (more on that later) the spirit of the blog has gone into a quiet sleep as its master works his fingers off.

As I said on google+ on Monday MEPAcon was amazing and the adventures I ran there were well received! Assault's 5e version was a hit and I hope to revisit that version of Usarm soon ... however, for me the true hit was Pyramid of the Forgotten King. I was very scared running that adventure and while I did end up losing a player to boredom (or play style differences I'm unsure) I gathered a lot of supportive and constructive comments from the group as a whole ... enough so that I am going to go ahead and within the next three weeks to start a kickstarter for the project!

Wait ... WHAT?!

As it stands at 90% completion Pyramid of the Forgotten King is 30 pages long of nothing but text ... of course this is an alpha version of the adventure and some of what I learned at MEPAcon will be added or removed after my 3rd party project is complete (so mid-December). I've already started contact the artists and cartographers I would like to involve in the project, getting very rough estimates on the amounts of money needed for their work. I still have some more math to do ... but I think the current price point I have in mind works. 

No details on who is involved yet because I'm still working on some of that and others I haven't formally contracted yet. Needless to say I am liking the choices I have so far made!

In other news I am very busy finishing my first Pathfinder adventure for a certain quarterly adventure magazine! I'm having great fun with it and can't wait to see what the response if from the crew in charge of said magazine ... Speaking of Pathfinder anyone willing to look over a manuscript for me and give me some feedback before I submit?

Quick Note - Valentine's PIE

I'm currently plotting (between two other projects) my next PIE adventure with the modified rules I've been working on since last week. This one will feature the PIE team having to time travel to February 14th, 2016 in order to avert the end of the world.

Given how many times The Real Ghostbusters time traveled I feel no problem having time travel in an adventure. My biggest worry is that no one will get the reference in the plot of the adventure.

Quick Note - The Great Genius Loci Sale Part II is Live!

The second great Genius Loci Sale is up and running over at e-bay. Take a look and if anyone finds something they like, watch it or bid on it! I'm actually almost out of game books, but I have hundreds of Manga that are just sitting around. I've been collecting since the mid 90s so ask and I may have it!

Quick Note - The First Great Genius Loci Ebay sale is Over!

The first sale is over and the funds gained from the sale of a good chunk of my old rpg collection has netted (with aid from my rpgnow sales for October) me half of the funds I need for the phantom bill I wrote of last week.

As such I will be placing a second selection up on ebay tonight at some point. Like the previous sale it will be a lot of 3.x edition stuff but I may also add in my Army of Darkness Roleplaying Game and my Sixth Edition of CoC.

The actual list right now is:

Lot One:

d20 Menace Manual
d20 Modern
Urban Arcana

Lot Two: (Not actually a lot)

Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Edition Spell Compendium

Lot Three:

Dungeons & Dragons 4e Forgotten Realms Players Guide
Dungeons & Dragons 4e Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide (w/ Map insert never removed)

Lot Four:

Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Players Handbook II
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Dungeon Masters Guide II
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Monster Manual II

Lot Five:

d20 Apocalypse
d20 Cyberscape
d20 Future
d20 Future Tech

Those are the next batch in a nutshell all have been shelf kept an are in extremely good condition with the 4e books have some minor scraps from initial shipping. Honestly kind of said to see the d20 stuff go. I spent a lot of time hunting those books down back in the day and I have a lot of good memories with them ... but, I now have pdfs ...

If anyone wants these before I set up the auction tonight get a hold of me and I'll see if we can work something out privately. Also if anyone has any starting price suggestions I'd gladly take them, I received a few messages after the fact from the last sale about how cheap I made the books.

Play Report - Ghosts R Not Us!

Just finished running a game of PIE at the local shop. We ran the first adventure "Easy as PIE" and everyone was new to mini-six/D6 so there was a steep learning curve, but overall everyone picked it up really quickly ... although there were calls to let people use skills for strange things that I allowed to a certain extent. The entire adventure took about an hour and a half with one break and some explanation of rules like the use of Hero Points as both health risky die pool.

The PIE team had struggled to get the local NEPA Franchise started due to the city's high tax rate, and questions from the main branch about needing another PIE franchise so close to the main branch in NYC. After some negotiation with the local government the PIE team agreed to eventually investigate the Masonic Temple and city library for free and to neither dismiss or endorse the current mayor in the next campaign.

After setting up shop in an old electrical station the team enjoys several weeks of media attention and appearances at local events before the whole thing dies off leveling them bored and clientless. After a dozen or so prank calls the team finally gets a gig up in the back woods of "nearby" Hawley. The owner of a local gas station wants to hire the team to investigate a bunch of weird happenings  in his gas station over the last six months. He doesn't believe in ghosts or any of that "Crap" and thinks the employees are secretly trying to unionize. However, last night his 3rd-shifter was nearly drowned by his own mop bucket and the entire staff has refused to come in because of it. The owner, Lewis Digby, promises to pay double the going rate to get the issue taken care of and his employees back on the job, ASAP.

After some minor debate (who the hell wants to willingly go to Hawley?) the team suits up and heads out, arriving at the gas station well beyond the setting of the sun. Lewis is there waiting for the players when they arrive. Unfortunately before anyone has a chance to talk a giant dog-like creature built out of burning gasoline forms from the four gas pumps and after attempting to scare the Team (causing the youngest member to break for the car) goes after Digby.

"We should help him."
"nope, he hired us to investigate the gas station, not the parking lot."
"Dude if he dies we don't get paid!"
"And he faxed the accidental death waiver, we'll still get paid!"
The two Walk over to the doors to the gas station and find them locked. After more arguing they decide that Lewis probably has the key and the it would melt if the dog should eat him. So charging up their electron blasters they let lose!

(This was the first issue we had. Combat was clunky and mildly confusing. nothing not easily handled by a master of the d6 system ... which I am not).

During the time leading up to deciding on attacking the beast, Digby had gotten to his SUV but wasn't fast enough to get going. As the team joins the battle the great hound is using the SUV as a chew toy. The gas pumps blow up, the pole sign gets destroyed and Digby and his SUV get through a block away.

(A lot of Hero Points/Brownie Points were lost in the course of this battle!)

After the smoke clears the players find Digby in the forest heading under a bramble of poison ivy. He swears to play triple and leaves in search of his SUV after handing the team the keys to the store front.  Entering the station the players are greeted by floating objects that seem to take a keen interest in attempting to beat the player's heads in.

After some investigation into the slimified sluishie maker and the players destroying it with a blast of their electron blasters the team finds its way to the bathrooms, where two of them were grabbed and swirlied by toilets and losing one point each to their Charm rolls. After this some news paper clippings and an old lunch, all about a dead mechanic named John was found and the freezer (containing a second ghost attack) invented.

Making it to the garage and the final battle the players spent ALL of their brownie to convince the spirit haunting the place to try and get his boss caught smuggling drugs and letting him (the ghost) move on. The ghost agrees and the team spends a week gathering evidence away from Digby. Finally the man is arrested and the ghost passes on, but not before telling the team of a small safe under the gas station with 10s of thousands of doller stored in it.

All in all a good game ... I know I have some things to work on for future but over all very fun!

Now bed!

Quick Note - I seem to like Circles

Already planning another PIE release in the future and today with what little free time I had I did this simple little diddy for possible use.

The other thing I  was thinking was calling it "The Real PIE"

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