The Queue

Recently through means of gifts, grab bags, and pure luck I've added greatly to my RPG collection. In the past week I've received through contests and gifts from followers and friends the following PDFs:

The Strange
13th Age
Dungeon World
Cartoon Action Hour Season 3

I've also been lucky enough for friends and family to gift me the following in glorious murdered tree format:

Pacesetter  -  Cryptworld which was written by the man whose cows keep killing my Library group (I speak of you +Tim Snider !)
Shadowrun Fifth Edition
Dragon Warriors
Dark Dungeons
Pathfinder Gamemastery Guide

A lot of reading is on my table. I've begun to skim each of the books and so far out of the PDF collection I'm digging 13th Age and CAH3 the most. Dungeon World feels like it is trying too hard to me and Numenera is just ... huge ... I want to give it its proper due but I feel this massive tome would have been better served by a physical copy.

I'm really loving the simplicity of CAH3 and I'm dying to get my hands into its guts and create some awesome for it. My daughter has been clamoring for a new game since her S&W game ended a month ago and she isn't really feeling Hero Kids anymore so this might be a good call. I'm thinking of developing something along the line of Galaxy High but with middle school kids or one of the least known 80s cartoons that I loved; Kidd Video.

For me, I'm enjoying the writing of 13th Age more than anything else. I've yet to gain an option yet on the mechanics or game style it promotes, but the writing is fun and loose and I like the concept of the Icons. On the print side, I've been reading Dragon Warriors on the recommendation of a few other blogs ... I don't know what to think of it. It seems like it would be fun, but like my 30 minutes of trying to figure out action resolution in Cryptworld it is costly.

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