[Quick Note] OSR in Biblical Judah?! HELL YES!

Unholy Land is an OSR hexcrawl adventure that was recently released over at OBS as a Pay-What-You-Want game. From the OBSpage:

Judea, the year 2 BCE. Sometime soon, a baby will be born that will change the course of human history. This even is heralded by the arrival of a star, an omen shining down. The expenditure of divine power has thinned the barriers between worlds and times. Monsters, demons, undead, and antediluvian creatures all stalk the deserts and hills of Judea. Kings, demons, and cults have read the signs and know the star means their doom. They will do anything to kill the prophesied child and maintain their power.
Unholy Land is an old-school hex-crawl campaign for mid-level characters taking place in Judea around the time of the birth of Jesus Christ. What better way to celebrate the holidays?
Unholy Land is compatible with the older editions of the most popular fantasy RPG and is easily convertible to your favorite OSR ruleset.

Seriously, I already picked this up and cannot wait to read/play this! This is a setting that is wholly left alone (Actually all non-Abrabian Nights Middle Eastern is left alone for some reason) and that I have a huge love of. I will have a full report by Monday ... Now! Off to save the Baby Jesus!

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