[Quick Note] MEPAcon returns and the Pyramid Follows!

The sign-up's for Northeast Pennsylvania's (NEPA) premier Gaming Convention MEPAcon has opened up. Right now there is no event schedule but GM sign-ups are already out and as in the previous two falls I will be there.

This will be my first Spring MEPAcon (and fittingly it will be the conventions first time at a new venue) and I'm rather psyched. The previous two years have brought me a lot of fun and gaming at the con and I've met some great people like the awesome +Reese Laundry (who suffered through 2 of my games last year!).

This year I will be GMing three sessions:

Pyramid of the Lost King - Cult of the Fallen God for Swords & Wizardry
One of the many pre-made adventures within the Pyramid of the Lost King Adventure. The Adventures find themselves within the hidden paradise of the Cult of the Fallen God. The cultist are peaceful and celebrate life but something sinister slithers behind the almost vacant eyes of the cultists.
Pyramid of the Lost King - Cult of the Fallen God for 5e
(While 5e Conversion is a stretch goal for the kickstarter I have gone ahead and started conversion of this single part of the Pyramid of the Lost King for testing purposes as well as to continue support for 5e).
Wolves of the Water Gap - Swords & Wizardry Eldritch Shadows BasicModern supplement.
A new modern paranormal adventure for the upcoming Eldritch Shadows supplement I have been slowly working on for Swords & Wizardry Core for the last year. This adventure finds the Investigators called to the Delaware Water Gap after several missing hikers have gone missing. The only clue is a single paw impression found near the ruck of one of the missing hikers. The impression appears to be that of a wolf but twice as large as a normal wolf.

I'm also hoping to play in a game or two but that is, as always, up to my family's tolerance for my hobby.

So if your in the area between April 24th and April 26th stop by the Hilton, say high and maybe roll some dice with me.

And if your south of me and still want to game check out Philly Gamescon the week before MEPAcon and play a game of Metamorphosis Alpha with +Wayne Rossi.


  1. (strokes chin thoughtfully and wonders if he could possibly squeeze one more con in this spring...)

  2. Rach and I plan to attend. Might only be for a day. Not sure yet.

  3. Awesome! Lat fall was my second Fall Mepacon, but I haven't been to a Spring one yet either. Probably only be able to manage a single day, but I'd love to get in on the Eldritch Shadows game, so I'll be watching for the schedule. It'd be fun to meet the infamous Erik Tenkar too!


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