Quick Note - So Long Old Friend

As anyone who has the misfortune of having me circled knows I have a love hate relationship with my computer. Asgard was built 9 years ago and was, at the time, top of the line and somewhat future-proofed. I've cared for and maintained this system so long that when last night when it finally let out a final, sorrowful whirl of fan, my wife (the nurse) said I reminded her of a patient's family when they refused to just let go. She was right.
The New Order

9 years ago I was flush with cash. I was just out of college, had a teaching job in a good such and was single. I spent around 2k building my little beast, and she has followed me around since and in the last few years as all my business moved online dutifully limped on when in all reality she should have been put to rest.

This now leaves me with my Chromebook and not much else. Thankfully, due to "rollapp" I have access to Gimp, Libreoffice, and Scribus so I can continue to work and maintain my presence online ... still, I will miss my old girl and while the transition shouldn't be too painful it will be hard. I've been too used to Serif products and moving to full Scribus/Lucidpress will ... take time.

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