Frigga's Chosen to receive full release

For the last three days I've been working on cleaning-up, editing, and doing some other things to the adventure "Frigga's Chosen" for release as a 5next product on OBS. Frigga's Chosen was one of the first 5e exclusive Usarm adventures I did and I have always been rather proud of it. It is also my most shared free adventure appearing on EN World, The Evil GM, and a bunch of other sites in their lists of 5e products and must plays.

For the pdf release not much is changing from the main adventure. As it stands the adventure is approximately 7 pages of pure text. I am planning on increasing this to 10 plus included monster stats, magical item stats and so on as well as an increased random encounter table and some more information on Orus and Frigga.

What's more the adventure will be released on OBS as a Fantasy Grounds module as well for about $1.50 which will also be the price of the pdf file!

And to anyone wondering, yes, if you are a backer of Pyramid of the Lost King at $35.00 or more the pdf will be included in your reward.

Cover art for this project is a piece of wonderful stock art by Javier Charro and is used with permission (as I did buy it!).

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