Question of the Day - Will there be an OSR version of Frigga's Chosen?

Received an e-mail yesterday VIA drivethrurpg about Frigga's Chosen. The e-mailer asked if there would be an OSR version of Frigga's Chosen at some point in the future since I am mainly an OSR developer. It was an honest question, Frigga's Chosen was the first time I released an adventure for 5e without a proceeding OSR version of that adventure.

So the answer?

Maybe.  I hate to say it but the market (for me at least) isn't really there anymore. The OSR - and Swords and Wizardry in particular - are my first gaming loves, but I do need to at least break even for the stock and professional art that I purchase. Assault on the Southern Horn, if not for the 5e version, would still be very much in the red.

So, for anyone else wondering, that's the answer. Once Frigga's Chosen has shown it is something that will at least break even I can move forward, until then it sits in the wings and I keep my fingers crossed that it does.

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