Savage(?) Bruman

So on the recommandation of +Frank Turfler I've been trying to learn the Savage Worlds system ... In some places it reminds me of Cortex and in others ... yeah, still working on it.  Since, however, I am one that learns at least in part through application I've attempted to convert the Bruman of the Valsuum White Star adventure over to Savage Worlds.

Savage Bruman
Bruman are small rat-like creatures who live in vast underground tunnel networks and cities, drawing as much as they can from the depths of dying Valsuum. The Bruman are tradesmen and merchants who are always looking for a deal and willing to trade in nearly everything. Bruman are cunning and rarely tell the truth unless it benefits them financially. Because of their cut-throat nature in trade and business the Bruman are often looked at suspiciously by the other races of Valsuum.

Fade into the Background: Bruman have an excellent ability to fade into the background granting them a +2 to all Stealth rolls.
Bad Rep: Due to their reputation as con-men all Bruman receive a -2 Charisma penalty.
Scurry: Bruman start with a d6 Agility instead of a d4.

Short: Since Bruman only average about 3.5 feet tall they have a Size of -1 and need to subtract 1 from their Toughness.

The one thing I need to say so far is that the race creation guidelines in the Explorers' Guide (pg 22) is very limited and worded in a very unintuitive manner.  

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