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Here it is blog folk! The latest one-page-romp from Genius Loci Games! If interested you can get all my Patreon Supported Adventures in pdf form as a Patreon Supporter.

About Shadowhack

Shadowhack is a simplified version of the classic FASA roleplaying game, Shadowrun, that uses the Old School Hack OSR ruleset as its foundation. While not complete, Shadowhack offers a good framework to fast play in a cyberpunk fantasy world. To play Shadowhack all you need is a bunch of d12s and the Shadowhack PDF file.


© copyright by Jazbee 2012
Forgotten Goods, is an introductory one-page-romp for Shadowhack meant for 4 to 6 rookie Runners and should not take more than a single session of play. The adventure begins with the players getting a gig from a Decker named Westend who wants them to retrieve an off-line datacore she claims as her own tech from a storage unit in Old Town. What should be a simple milk run soon unravels as the Storage Facility has become the home for a cult of Ghouls who are very interested in protecting their turf. Should the players succeed and recover the datacore they will find that Westend has transferred a substantial amount of credits to their credit sticks. Unfortunately, the job may not be over as the Nostromo Corporation is hunting for the Runner Crew that stole their property.

Kurt-G's Forget-Me-Not Storage

Security is rather light around the storage facility. Automated cameras, and a few rusty old drones (Goons - HP 1, Damage Ranged Ballistic 1d12) roam the lanes of storage units in packs of 3 to 4. Any forced entry into the facility will key the drones and cameras to focus on the intruders, transmitting the collected data to Troubleshooting International for later investigation or sale. Hacking the security cameras is relatively easily (GM modifier +2), but the drones are harder (GM modifier +4) and will fry when successfully hacked. Both the drones and the Cameras have been reprogrammed to ignore the Ghouls, and can give no warning to the presence of the squatters should either system be compromised.

While the front sector of the storage facility is free of Ghoul influence, the back half is under the full control of a Ghoul named Papa Sym, who has lead the Ghouls to believe that they are cursed by God and can only find redemption through him. In truth, Papa Sym is a BTL manufacturer who uses the Ghouls as a personal security force, and cheap labor. In truth, Papa Sym is a Vampire of no account.


Ghouls (Goons) 18 – HP 1; Damage Ranged Ballistic, Melee Slashing 1d12; Notes: Ghouls hunt and attack in packs of six. If more than 75% of a hunting party the remaining Ghouls will attempt to flee.
Ghouls (Heavies) 3 – HP 4; Armor (Light – I 12, B 13); Damage Ranged Ballistic (Minigun) 2d12
Papa Sym (Boss) – HP 10; Damage Ranged Ballistic (Handgun) 3d12, Ranged Magical (Fireball/2x 3 pts) 3d12 Area Sphere 3 around Target; Notes – Other Spells – Heal/1x 3 pts.


The players will find the datacore in a random storage unit, floating in a zero-g field in the center of the unit. The units only light comes from the soft glow of the zero-g unit. Any attempt to physically bypass the field will result in bio-feedback (damage 2d12, 1 pt) and trips an alarm that will alert Troubleshooting International and lock the players inside (GM modifier +6 to hacking attempts). Attempting to use hacker abilities to gain access will alert, security programs within the self contained system of the zero-g field's generator. Once the players have gained access to the datacore, they will receive a message from Westend as to where to drop the package and guarantee their payday.

Security Program (Goons) 6 – HP 1; Damage Ranged Mental 1d12


Westend will somehow access and deposit the appropriate amount of credits to each players credit sticks, and through the player datacoms (both systems typically thought to be unhackable) thank them and apologize. It is here she will reveal that the datacore isn't hers, but Nostromo's property and that they are already investigating the disappearance of their core. Any questions about Westend's propose or why she needs the datacore will result in the Decker closing the transmission.

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