Swords & Wizardry - Battle Chasers NPC Gully Nic'Aramus

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Gully Nic’Aramus
NPC – 3rd Level Fighter

Str 08  |  Dex 14  |  Con 08  |  Int 10  |  Wis 06  |  Cha  16
AC 0 (20) Gauntlets of Armus, Leather Armor+2 Cloak of Armor  |  Save 12  | Move 12  |  Special Parry -1, Gauntlets of Aramus
Attack Gauntlets of Aramus - 1d8 + 5 damage


Gully is the daughter of the greatest warrior of the Unified Territories: Aramus.  A year ago her father and a battalion of the UT's finest men vanished on a recon mission into the Wild Lands. Nearly all in the Territories had given up on Aramus and his people, all except Gully his ten-and-a-half-year-old daughter.  

Nestled in the family homestead in the quiet hills and valleys of Thorn's Glen, Gully waited with her nanny for the return of her father.  Over time, the young girl took to wearing her father's cloaks and reading his journals and essays on the ways of war.  Every night she wondered if her father would return home, or if her father's longest friend and pupil, the swordmaster Garrison would ever return to Thorn's Glen.

Six-months ago a group of bandits and bounty hunters under the command of the Sebastius Nefar raided Aramus's home in Thorn's Glen, killing a squad of the King's Guard and the faithful servant of the Aramus Family.  Luckily, Gully escaped the raid along with the sealed chest that the raiders were after.  Running through the night, the young girl was attacked again and again by the raiders - some of who turned into fierce werewolves - until she was taken under the protection of a WarGolem and an old mage. It was here that Gully discovered that the contents of the chest were her father's legendary gauntlets.

After an attack by the werewolf raiders nearly destroyed the WarGolem, Gully slipped on the gloves, and while the mage's home was destroyed she repealed the invaders single-handedly and saved the WarGolem's life.

Gauntlets of Aramus

Magical Artifact – Unique
“You hurt my friend, the only one who’s going to need protection here IS YOU!”
 - Gully
The Gauntlets of Aramus are an ancient relic the origins of which have long since fallen to dust.  Found in the house of the Aramus the legendary knight during a raid lead by werewolves, the Gauntlets are now in the possession of his ten-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Gully.  While the true limits of the Gauntlets are known to none but Aramus himself, they do have incredible power even for the lay user.
+5 to AC while worn and awake.  This bonus to AC is not counted for surprise attacks, backstabs, or any attack in which the wearer does not know they are going to be attacked.
Unarmed Attack:  The wearer of the Gauntlets can make unarmed attacks using a d8 instead of a d4 and receive a +5 bonus to damage.  On an attack roll of a natural 20, the wearer can push back the target 1d6 yards.
Pound and Slam:  Twice per day the wearer of the Gauntlets of Aramus can make an attack on the ground around them.  On a roll of 18 or higher, the wearer causes the ground to quake in a 30-foot radius around them and knock all targets to the ground, causing 1d4 damage.
Bonded:  The Gauntlet's of Aramus bond with their wearer, making it impossible for any but the wearer to remove them.  Once removed, the Gauntlet's will only bond with another should the original wearer give them over willingly, die, or not use them for a fortnight.

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