Setting up the New Year

Today is a lot of prep and down time for the family as we usher in the New Year.  On the gaming front I am busily working on reformatting my 2-year-old Kindle Fire so that I can use primrarily as means to easily use the multitude of pdf rpgs, adventures, etc.

Today also marks Dark Agent's (my oldest daughter) first forey into VTT gaming and I'm also running tech support for her as she sets up and tries to learn the ropes of Roll20.

Speaking of Roll20, their Join Game function now has a side bar for pick-up games.  The majority that I have seen are pay to buy in style so be warned before getting excited about that.  The Pick-Up games side bar freatures games listed as such that would be starting within 2-hours of when you look.  I like this idea both on the paid side and on the idea that I have often times suddenly found myself with a few hours of time but no way to organize or quickly join a game.

 I truly hope it is something that my prefered VTT, Fantasy Grounds, picks up when they finally move onto FG3.

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