[KickStarter] Scion 2e is finally Shipping

Rich Thomas posted today the following regarding the shipping of Scion Second Edition:

Hello Scion 2e Backers!

RichT here:

Just got this note today from the fulfillment shipper:

Hi Rich,

      FedEx picked up their 2 pallets and USPS picked up 14 pallets.  The  USPS truck couldn’t take any more so they are picking up the remaining  10 pallets today.  We are working on the remaining Internationals and  should have them finished this week.

I know there was some concern because of the status notices on BackerKit and the shipping labels being created last month. The fulfillment shipper created the labels, then began to box up the rewards, and get those boxes stacked on the pallets they mention in the note above. I was not aware there'd be as big a time gap between making the labels and getting everything out, as they have done this in waves before, and I'll be talking to them about the pros and cons of doing it this way and the need to keep us informed as transparently as possible so we can pass that on to all of you.


This is exciting news for everyone who backed the Scion 2e kickstarter back in 2016 as the production has hit a lot of snags along the way and a lot of ill-deserved grief from the backers.  Though out it all though Rich and his team seemed to stay cheerful and kept the updates comings.

Scion 2nd edition is a follow-up to White Wolf's old Scion game which is reviewed here by Game Geeks:

While I've never been the biggest fan of the White Wolf systems, Scion scratched an itch I didn't have with the decedents of gods fighting their shadow wars on Earth.

Here's hoping that 2e is just as fun as the original.  I know my Percy Jackson loving daughters would enjoy it!

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