DrivethruRPG Open d6 Sub-Category - One Month Out

One month ago I somewhat succeed on my mission to get WestEnd Game's d6 system recognized as its own category on DrivethruRPG.  This post here explains my reasonings and this post explains the result (this way I am not rehashing words). 

TL;DR:  WEG's Open d6 is a robust system with a lot of excellent creators behind it that all too easily get lost in the giant melting pot that is "d6 systems".  This eventually causes a lack of sales and creators leaving the format because of those lacking sales.

So, where do we stand a month later with its own sub-category?

Not as well as I hoped honestly.  Outside of strong support from Battlefield Press and my own Genius Loci Games - as well as some one-offs by  AISP and Griffon Publishing - many creators have opted not to move their Open d6 products over to the sub-category.

This could be for a few reasons by my way of thinking:

  1. The line was not profitable so why waste the time.
  2. The publisher is out of business and no one really mans the digital fronts anymore.
  3. The e-mails I sent out to publishers were placed in spam folders or deleted under the idea that the e-mail was spam.
  4. The publisher has moved on to bigger and better things or has their own plans in the works for marketing and bringing renewed interest to the system.
Being that Open d6 is a system near and dear to my heart I will personally continue to look after the sub-category in hopes that other publishers - new and old - will start to support it and bring attention to the system.


  1. That's really to bad that it hasn't taken off. I like to know when a game is Open d6 or a derivative. It makes my searching easier.

  2. This post is the first place where I have heard about this, but thanks for your efforts, and good job! I have also been looking for interesting D6-based materials, and it has always been a hassle to find them on DriveThru. This is an important step even if the effects will not be immediate.

  3. I support you. Thank you for your hard work.


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