2020 Maybe this will be the year

2019 is behind us and it saw GLG starting to come back to life with the most posts since 2015 (still nowhere near the posting rate of 2012-2015, however) and renewed interest by me - the humble caretaker - in RPG design and Community.  It also saw the Genius Loci Games blog expand to include comic coverage, a renewed focus on indie and semi-professional artists, and some gaming outside the traditional TRPG scene.

2019 also saw me expand into the anime world with the I'm too Old for this Otaku Life blog (that blog will not be following me into 2020 however) and once again begin writing with the LITRPG story Old Man's Game (alternate link) (Chapter 3 coming soon).  It also saw me become more active in PbP communities like Myth-Weavers and running several games in other than popular systems (FFd6, Mini-Six, and S&W: WhiteBox 1st printing).  All in all a strangely busy year despite the production of several adventures staling or being abandoned.

Going into 2020 I have plans ... or to be more precious, I have desires and ideas.  In Brief:

Finish Old Man's Game
Officially Discontinue Patreon 
Continue to develop d6 settings:  Eira |  Mobile Striker: Gungal
Support the blog more fully with daily or mostly daily content.

Part of me thinks I am biting off more than I can chew, however, the rest of me thinks I have set semi-realistic goals this time around.

As always any comments and thoughts are welcome.

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